Our Colours

The Segenhoe brand uses the primary colour of yellow throughout all marketing, advertising and racing. We chose this colour for its association with loyalty, champions, intellect and energy. As the main secondary colour, Red was chosen for its association with energy, strength, determination and courage.

Uniform and Jockey

The Segenhoe Brand

brand logo


Segenhoe uses the SS brand as an identifying mark, which is made on the horse’s left shoulder. The Segenhoe brand is unique to Segenhoe Stud and includes the letters SS with a curved line beneath. The SS stands for Segenhoe Stud.




The ‘Segenhoe’ name originates from the heritage of Thomas Potter Macqueen (1791-1854). Thomas was a politician and colonizer, born in Bedfordshire, England, at Segenhoe Manor, Ridgmont. In 1823 Thomas was attracted by the prospects of rural settlement in NSW and obtained a grant of 10,000 acres. He introduced farmers and artisans, bloodstock and the funding necessary for progressive farming. Between 1825 and 1838 he developed the land further and spent £42,000 on plant, stock and improvements in Segenhoe and established the Hunter valley’s reputation for efficient agriculture.


The H in ‘Segenhoe’ highlights the strength of the brand and the thoroughbred champions produced. This is represented by the use of a bit’s ring pulling the H cohesively together. The ring is symbolic of the brand’s strength and communication. (The bit, usually made of metal, is placed in the horse’s mouth and assists a rider in communicating with the horse. It is held on the horse’s head by means of a bridle and has reins attached.) (In horse terminology hands (HH) are used in measuring the height of a horse.)


The colours yellow and red have been chosen as Segenhoe’s racing colours. Yellow was chosen for its association with loyalty, champions, intellect, and energy. Yellow is a bright colour, reflecting the progressive approach of Segenhoe. Red was chosen for its association with energy, strength, determination and courage. Red is a passionate colour and represents the strong blood lines, vigour and spirit of the Segenhoe Group.



Galloping Horses

We use the galloping horses as an asset as part of the Segenhoe brand. They are used to reflect movement, flow and the forward thinking and drive that Segenhoe represents.

The galloping horses are also used to reflect the attention to detail that Segenhoe has. With direct reference to Eadweard Muybridge’s study of Sallie Gardner at a Gallop for The Horse in Motion, where Muybridge breaks down each and every part of a horse’s gallop to determine if a horse gallops with all feet off the ground at the same time, Segenhoe will look at every different angle and examine every part of a horse to ensure it is in its best possible shape.