Segenhoe Stud has recently finished the development of a 200-acre, world-class spelling and pre-training facility known as the Segenhoe Spelling Complex.

With spelling and pre-training such integral parts of the overall preparation of a horse, the correct facilities during a spell ensures that we provide the highest level of safety to your important assets.The individual care and tailored programming during pre-training phase aids to give your horse the best opportunity to head back to the stable of your trainer in the best possible physical condition, ready for the rigours of an arduous campaign.

The Segenhoe team are very experienced in dealing with every aspect of your horse while it is spelling and pre-training at the Spelling Complex. We add to this a specific individual nutritional program that ensures the requirements of your horses are not only met, but also, exceeded.

Designed to facilitate all parts of the spelling and pre-training process, as well as allowing horses with injuries to be rehabilitated before going through a pre-training regime, the Spelling Complex consists of:

  • Spacious 12-box (6m x 6m rubber-lined) stable complex, large water troughs for intake monitoring
  • 42m x 20m undercover sand arena with the scope to be turned into another 12-box stable complex
  • 12 self-contained, fully irrigated, tree-lane-divided pastured paddocks with individual shelters
  • Large 20-acre hill paddocks with improved pasture for horses who need to gain condition quickly
  • Smaller 2-acre irrigated yards with improved pasture for horses requiring individual care
  • 1200m undulating, irrigated grass exercise track
  • 10-horse, undercover state-of-the-art walking machine