Mariia Pikhotska

Mariia was born in Ukraine far from the Australian sun and horse industry. Realizing the strengths of the Ukrainian economy, Mariia studied Economics of the agricultural sector, completing a Bachelor of Agriculture Marketing at Uman National University. She was also enrolled in an internship in Poland and Finland.

Following her graduation Mariia got a job as a project manager at DYKUN Company where she had a chance to introduce the world’s best advanced technologies into the Ukrainian economic sector by organizing and involving farm producers in the agriculture conferences and world tours.

She fell in love with horses when witnessing their incredible trust in people during a part-time job while still in University, at the Ukrainian Kozak Horse Show, where animals were trained to participate in the international Knights tournament competitions and to star in the movies.

Her desire to experience the world led her to Australia, where she started her equine career at Coolmore Australia following with the two years of foaling and handling of young horses at the picturesque Widden Valley.

Mariia came to Segenhoe at the end of 2015 after completing a breading season at Newgate Farm and is enjoying  being part of the rapid farm development and having the opportunity to look after some of the most outstanding horse individuals in the country.